A portable library of XProc pipelines and steps, written in standard XProc 1.0.

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Standard library

PipX is a standard library, providing general-purpose steps. Its is written in standard XProc 1.0. It does not depends on any vendor-specific extension. Some modules might depend on EXProc extensions in the future, in order to provide tools for them as well.

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Getting started

PipX has been written as one single XProc library file. You can download and install it as a XAR package, available from the PipX entry on CXAN.

If you do not use the EXPath Packaging System, you can download the library file from GitHub and copy it to your project.

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Get involved!

PipX is developed on GitHub. Feel free to clone the repository and submit pull requests.

If you want either getting help, or providing feedback, or suggesting new steps, you can use the XProc Dev list at W3C.

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