Getting involved

If you want either getting help, or providing feedback, or suggesting new steps, or improving the website, in one word, if you want to communicate, you can use the XProc Dev list at W3C (the mailing list page contains a link to register).

Any help is welcome!

PipX is developed on GitHub. Feel free to clone the repository and submit pull requests.


The API documentation is generated using XProcDoc. Each step, each port, each option, and each parameter must be properly documented, using HTML elements in the appropriate p:documentation. Always use an HTML element, by default a p, even if you need only one sentence. Bind the default namespace to the HTML namespace, and declare it only on the p:documentation element, in order to avoid any side-effect with the default namespace.

Issue tracking

Use the issue tracking system on the GitHub project.


We are still deciding whether to use XProcSpec, or something in-house (started in the test/ sub-directory. For now, we are allowing both, so feel free to use any of those. We will decide soon which one to keep, after people had a chance to evaluate both.

Since XProcSpec already exists, it would be great to be able to use it. Whilst writing tests, make sure you report any problem you find, or possible enhancements you think about, to Jostein. The XProc Dev mailing list is probably the best option to reach him.

Open questions

The following is a random list of open questions. Those are open points we still would like to answer, any feedback or idea welcome.