Getting started


The preferred way to install PipX is by using the Packaging System. The PipX XAR package itself is available from the CXAN on the PipX entry. If your XProc processor supports CXAN, ask it to install the package with the name fgeorges/pipx. If your XProc processor supports XAR packages, download the package manually from CXAN and ask your processor to install it.

Their is an implementation of the Packaging System for Calabash, available on GitHub.

If your XProc processor does not support the Packaging System, you have to download manually the library file from GitHub, and copy it to your project. The way to do it might be specific to your processor.


The steps are all defined in the namespace, so you need to define a prefix for this namespace. Typically, you will bind the prefix pipx on the top-level element of your own XProc pipeline or library.

You also need to import the PipX library of course. If your XProc processor supports the Packaging System, the public import URI is If your processor does not support packages, you need to adapt this URI depending on your processor and how you installed the library:

<p:pipeline xmlns:p=""

   <p:import href=""/>