Step parameter {}

Extract a parameter from the parameter port.

The parameters are passed on the primary port parameters, of kind parameters. The name of the parameter to extract is in the option name. If the option required is true (default is false), the step throws the error pipx:no-parameter if there is no such parameter or if its value is an empty string.

The returned document, on the port result, contains a root element param, with an attribute name. The attribute value is the name of the parameyer (the value of the option name). The value of the element, is the value of the parameter. If the parameter does not exist (and the value of the option required is false), the element value can be empty.

If the value of the parameter required is not a valid lexical xs:boolean, the step throws the error pipx:invalid-option. The valid lexical values are false, true, 0 and 1, with optional heading and trailing whitespaces.

TODO: How to handle namespaces, for the parameter names?

TODO: Is it possible there are several parameters with the same name?

Defined in: src/pipx.xpl

Input Ports

parameters primary parameter

Output Ports

result primary


Local NameNamespace URIDefaultDescription
param-name required